Saturday, February 1, 2014

February- A Month of Romance

Meet my grandparents, Gertrude and Charles. We think the photo is about 90 years old. Such a sweet photo of a young woman and her WW1 Veteran/husband.

Sadly, Gram as we called her, died 45 years ago today. Charles died in the 1950's. I did not know him at all.

I thought I would post this photo since February is a month known for romance. I think these two had a wonderful romance all those years ago.


  1. How great to have a photo this old...those were the days!! I love this new blog of yours. Pssssst...the font is sort of small and hard to read. But thanks for letting us know about it, I look forward to following! :)


    1. Thanks Jane. I changed the font. Hope you are surviving this Winter.